As a diverse and multicultural nation, we are used to organizing funerals in line with numerous belief systems. We understand the importance of religious values especially during difficult times and will always go out of our way to ensure all needs are fulfilled.

You can rest assured that during our many years of dedicated service we have dealt with virtually every creed imaginable. Within the past few years alone we can list the following religions and denominations we have catered for:


  • Church of England
  • Maronite
  • Evangelical
  • Salvation Army
  • Roman Catholic
  • Pentecostal
  • Seventh Day
  • Baptist
  • Church of God
  • Adventist
  • Methodist
  • Congregational
  • Greek Orthodox

When organizing a Christian funeral we are called to strike a balance between the family’s desires and the need to conform to the regulations of the specific church, crematorium or cemetery. Normally the funeral service is held in the church and then the cortege will proceed to the burial or cremation site. If you wish to hold a family vigil the night before the service or you wish to dress the deceased yourself that is not an issue. We have private facilities that can accommodate this.


  • Tamil
  • Vishwa
  • Oshwal

Any bathing ritual required can be accommodated by our facilities. The deceased will then rest in our cleansed Chapel before the cremation takes place. We can also supply religious signs and Hindu lamps if needed.


We are familiar with many Buddhist burial practices including ensuring your loved one’s head is turned westward and the supply of lamps. The Pansakula blessing for the departed can be performed at a time of your choosing. It’s customary for a eulogy at the crematorium also.
If you wish to undertake the full mourning phase and prayer cycle in the days, weeks and months following the service we can assist you in this.


Following the Sukhmani Sahib, we can ensure the body of the deceased is bathed and dressed in clean clothes. The hair shall be covered with a turban or scarf and a private viewing can be arranged. The five articles of faith will be present.
A service will be arranged at your chosen temple.


  • Reform
  • Conservative
  • Orthodox Jew

We can ensure the burial takes place as soon as possible, we are well aware of the two day stipulation. A ‘Tahara’ washing takes place in preparation for the burial. A Rabbi of your choosing can be in attendance or we can source one for you. The Tearing of the Kria shall proceed as you wish.