Our family Advisor can help in English, Chinese, Italian, Polish, Greek, Portuguese, and Spanish. We are only a phone call away. We can help with all the arrangements in bringing your loved one home.

Many countries worldwide have certain rules and regulations which are required when repatriating a foreigner back to their home.

If you require repatriation of a loved one, we are able to provide the following:

  • Transfer to our premises from any location in Australia
  • Preparation for the flight home
  • Viewing in a private chapel
  • Collection of luggage and any personal items
  • A coffin or casket suitable for international transportation – for more details contact us
  • Blessings and rituals for all religious denominations
  • 24 hour Liaison with family
  • All documents required
  • Embassy and Consular contact
  • Flight for deceased,
  • Airport clearances and transfer
  • Memorial

Incoming Repatriation: Emergency Repatriation helps bring your loved one home.

We arrange repatriations for many Insurance companies and families. We work with the local Police, Department of Foreign Affairs, Embassies and Consulates both within Australia and worldwide. We aim to act immediately for the repatriation of an Australian citizen to bring them home as efficiently and without delay so to eliminate any further grief to the family.

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