Pre-Paid Funerals


We plan for almost every aspect of family life whether it be holidays, weddings and retirement. All these events rightly receive serious consideration and forethought. However, because we may not like to think about death, many of us avoid making important decisions about our funerals. Too many of us leave this burden to our families, perhaps unfairly.

A consultant will discuss with you the different types of funeral services, including burial, cremation and other options. Many people now arrange their funeral earlier in life due to the decreased price, the lack of pressure left on surviving family members and the ability to be involved in the planning of the service.

How secure are my funds?

The administration of all funds will be handled by a well-respected independent public body. Global Funerals will of course be contractually bound to handle all funds in a legal and responsible fashion. Our services are doubly assured by the reputation and experience of Global Funeral Directors, who have been serving the families of Australia for generations.

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