Funeral Services Sydney

Dealing with a funeral is not something that anyone would look forward to. However, it is part of our lives, and it needs to be seen to when one of our loved ones passes away. That is why it is very important that you choose a reputable funeral services provider who will be able to see to all the details of the funeral in a professional manner. The less you need to deal with, the better it will be, as you already have a difficult time coping with the loss of your loved one. that is why we are inviting you to leave everything in our hands. As a renowned funeral services Sydney based company, we can guarantee that you will not regret hiring us for this important event.

Why should you consider Global Funerals

Global Funerals is backed up with several years of experience, as well as a team of dedicated people who work alongside the family of the deceased to organize every detail of the upcoming funeral in a professional way. We understand that at this time you need compassion and empathy, and that is why we do our best to offer you a dignified service. We also understand the differences in beliefs and we amend our services accordingly so as to fit different needs and preferences.

What types of funeral services can we offer you?

When hiring us you can put your mind at rest that we can see to every detail of the funeral. Our funeral services Sydney are wide-ranging and comprehensive. We coordinate the event by cooperating with the various parties, including the church, the clergy and the crematorium. We discuss the plan with the family as we want to make sure that everything is according to their specific wishes, and we seek to facilitate things rather than causing any pressure.

We also take care of the hearse, the pall-bearers, the service conductors as well as any transport for the relatives. Floral tributes and any arrangements can also be seen to. We also offer several miscellaneous services that are sometimes requested to make the occasion more memorable. These include the provision of doves or butterflies to be released at the service, the preparations for the scattering of ashes, as well as the arrangements necessary to conduct the burial at sea or reefs.

Other services we offer for after the funeral include masonry arrangements for headstones or tributes, along with professional catering. We also offer contacts for those who may request professional bereavement counselling advice, as well as for estate and probate services.

As you can see there are various things that need to be arranged for that day, as well as afterwards. During this difficult time you want to relieve some of the burden off your shoulders, while making sure that the funeral is handled professionally. This is a tribute for your loved one, and so you want to ensure that he or she gets a respectful farewell, in memory of his or her life. So, just contact us so as to put your mind at rest that everything will be handled well.

Can you handle different religions and traditions?

Yes, we are used to dealing with different belief systems. Whatever your religion may be, we will see to your funeral professionally as we have a lot of experience in all types of religions and their respective values, burial practices and traditions. We have organized funerals for Christians, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, as well as Sikh.

Do you offer repatriation services?

It is already difficult to deal with the loss of your loved one. So if he or she happened to pass away overseas, you are bound to feel more pressured and at a loss. Different countries have diverse rules and regulations regarding the repatriation of a foreigner back to his or her home country. Matters and arrangements may get somewhat complicated at times, and we want to assure you that regardless of the problems or issues, we can handle the matter for you. We will take care of the flight arrangements, the collection of any luggage or personal items, as well as the provision of a suitable coffin or casket that is ideal for international transportation. We will also take care of any documents, airport clearances and transfers, as well as liaisons with embassies when the need arises.